In some cases the general tracing flags of Attunity Server may not help R&D in understanding a specific product or scenario related problem.

In those cases R&D Support may require the most verbose debugging which is called spyTrace.

This tracing level will dump the various DB functions and Attunity internal APIs into the log file. This may help R&D to further understand the problematic scenario.

To implement spyTrace perform the following:
  1. Use the Studio, and editing the target binding where the problematic DataSource or Adapter resides. And set spyTrace='true'.
  2. Create a file called nav.spy in the NAVROOT/DEF directory of the Attunity Server installation, and copy the following content:
function = *
tdp= *
function = *
tdp = *
driver = *
verbose = on
Run the problematic scenario and send the server log files to Attunity Support.

  • spyTrace adds extensive logging to your server log files. Dont forget to turn it off after the reproduction.
  • On platforms where there are filename length restrictions, the "nav.spy" should be called "NAVSPY" (for example Mainframe, Tandem).