The daemon, whose main task is to allocate servers for requesting clients, does not deal directly with user data. Therefore, the daemon is less sensitive to NLS settings.

A special case exists where the daemon must be set to work in a specific language. This happens when XML-based clients (e.g., JCA, NETACX, COMACX) send XML documents encoded in codepages other than UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 or US-EBCDIC.

In such a case, the daemon must be instructed to load the language definition that contains the codepage that appears in the requests.

To define the daemon language
Note: The language is set using Studio, in the Design perspective.
1. In the Configuration view, click the machine with the daemon you want to set.
2. Under the Daemons node, select the daemon configuration.
3. Right-click the daemon configuration and select Edit Daemon.
4. In the Default language field in the Daemon Control tab, choose the language.