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Thread: Studio Add machine timing out

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    Studio Add machine timing out


    During the Attunity Studio, the add machine times out. When we are on the remote user machine, we can invoke the Attunity Studio and work on it. Is there a way to increase the time that it takes to do an "Add Machine" discovery? Thank you.

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    Since you did not provide the complete error message, I would suggest starting as follows:-

    1. Increase the "Connection timeout" in the Studio:
    • Click on Preferences item in the Window menu.
    • Click on the Studio node and then on the Advanced tab.
    • Set the "Connection timeout" to 120 (secs) or more.
    2. If this did not help, start the Studio on the remote machine itself, and perform the following steps:
    • Expand Machine, then the Daemons node.
    • Right-Click on the "IRPCD" daemon then select the "Edit Daemon" option.
    • In the "Daemon Control" tab, increase the "Connect timeout" to 120 (secs) or more.
    If both options did not help, please include complete Studio error (Window -> Show Window -> Error Log).
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