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Thread: A08D binding entry not found

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    A08D binding entry not found

    When we execute,

    nav_util execute navdemo (which is the default datasource with type DSM)

    we successfully get the NavSQL >.

    But when we execute another datasource that is local, we get the error,

    A08D Binding entry not found.

    We made sure that Attunity daemon is running. Security has not been setup. Could this be a licensing issue?

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    Can not bind to Datsource


    yes that could be the sace - we need to know what datasource you are trying to access and if you have a valid license for that.
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    When you type:

    $ nav_util execute XXX
    you are using the default binding NAV - error "[A08D] Binding entry not found" could indicate that the datasource XXX is not defined in the default binding. However it can also be a license issue.

    To find out what the problem is, see the log file or just run the command as in:

    $ nav_util -screen execute XXX
    This will redirect the log to the screen so if there are any license issues, you will see them. Another useful troubleshooting option for binding issues is:

    $ nav_util -screen -debug bindingTrace execute XXX
    This will dump the real binding definition that the program uses on the screen.

    Of course, if the other datasource is defined in another binding (that is, not in NAV) then you need to specify it on the command line. For example, if datasource XXX is actually defined by binding BBB then the command should be:

    $ nav_util -b BBB execute XXX

    The Attunity daemon needs to run for this test only if it hosts a remote datasource.
    By Dror Harari

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