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Thread: Cannot see datasources during VPN

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    Cannot see datasources during VPN

    We have a customer who set up her datasources for her localhost server at work, but when she goes home to VPN, her Attunity Studio does not display her datasources. The other machine's datasources are on display.

    She can do a nav_util on the undisplayed datasource. She wants to be able to edit/add datasources in her localhost. Is there a way for us see the datasources in Studio when she VPN's from home?

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    The answer depends on the customer's machine.

    If she is using a laptop which she takes home and connects to the corporate via VPN then she can simply start the daemon on the localhost address as in:

    $ irpcd -l : start
    Then in Studio, she should add the machine using the same IP address.

    If, on the other hand, she has a desktop at work where AIS is installed, then to connect to it from home over VPN it must be started on a non-localhost address and, if there is NAT translation en-route then she may also need to use the FixedNAT setting in order to connect.

    Hope this helps

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