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Thread: GDB Error while quering a table

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    GDB Error while quering a table

    Hi All,
    I have created a archvie collection in the IBM Optim and then went ahead and create a datasource for this collection in the Attunity. The issue here is that when i try to do a select staement on PST_ARCHIVE_FILES, the attunity is throwing a n error for unknow reason. The version i have attunity OPtim 7.1.2 and attunity 5.3. I know this worked in attunity 4.8(optim 6.4.1).Please find the error screen shot below and let me know your thoughts on this.

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    PST_ARCHIVE_FILES is an Optim pseudo table that is implemented within the Optim GDB driver itself (in Optim services, not in Attunity services). The pseudo table should work in all releases of Optim's ODM feature. We recommend that you open an IBM PMR with this information.

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