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Thread: Testing 'Data source shortcut'

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    Testing 'Data source shortcut'

    It appears AIS Version 5.1 has 'a 'BUG' regarding testing and using Data Source short cuts.

    a) With NO security, Studio 'Data sources', 'Test' and associated "local machine - remote machine Data source shortcut ...' 'Test' WORK on data sources. As well ODBC connections and SQL queries work (via M.S. Access and ADO tools).

    b) I can succesfully introduce 'Workspace Security' on my 'Navigator' IRPCD daemon then succesfully do a 'Data source' 'Test' on the Alpha/RMS data sources from Attunity Studio on my PC workstation.

    c) The PROBLEM:
    Doing a 'Data source shortcut', 'Test' to a remote machine now FAILS with the following error(s) in Studio.
    i) on first test
    Failed to get workspace list:[ExA018] server.internalError:[X030] No handler registered for interaction ‘getWorkspaceList’
    ii) on retry and subsequent tries get this error
    [J0036] = client.requestError (query.testDatasource): [C068] Fail to login daemon [2]

    d) The intruduction of security on the Alpha/RMS data renders my ODBC connections and queries from M.S. Access (and other SQL tools) via my PC workstation in-operable, as a functional 'Data source shortcut' is required !

    e) I have tried endless permutations (via 'Studio') of 'Users' and and 'Daemon' security on both the local PC and remote Alpha/RMS server WITH NO success.

    What are the steps required to successfully place security on a remote machines data and still be able to create and use an ODBC data source on Windows XP local machine ??

    Server is Alpha/Open-VMS 8.3 with Attunity 5.1 and ADD-RMS adapter

    Attunity 5.1 (and Studio V 5.1) is on my PC workstation (XP Service pack 2).
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    Security Resolved

    After much hacking I have security in place on my VMS/RMS data via Attunity.

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    Hello Steve

    Sorry for the very late reply.
    For this kind of a problem, it is more suitable to open a support issue.
    there is a lot of information needed to answer your question, like daemon, workspaces and security configuration and ODBC conneection string, that makes it necessary to use the E-resolve support system.
    If you still need answers please don't hesitate to open a support issue.

    Best regards
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