when I am connecting to Teradata as a source in the console I get the following error

SYS-E-HTTPFAIL, Cannot connect to ODBC provider Fatal error has occurred.
SYS,GENERAL_EXCEPTION,Cannot connect to ODBC provider Fatal error has occurred,RetCode: SQL_ERROR SqlState: IM002 NativeError: 0 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified ODBC general error.

When I connect Target Azure Datawarehouse it works fine -
A month ago I had the same issue for the target Azure datawarehouse same error (the source which was Teradata worked fine). I resolved the situation by updating the path environment variable to include under path: C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\16.20\ODBC Driver forTeradata this resolved the situation

- Today I checked I have installed the TTU from teradata that include ODBC 64 bit same as my PC- I am able to get the connection to work with my target through ODBC - i don;t understand why my target is having this error ?

I also have added under System DSN Teradata ODBC driver - checked the connection it worked fine
I checked under the folder to ensure that that ODBC is installed fine
I am able to connect to visual basic from the same pc to Teradata and add new tables

But Teradata as source does not work with Attunity replicator for Microsoft