TLDR; My main concern is the compatibility of the Attunity V4 for Teradata compatibility with Teradata Drivers and Utilities version 16.2?

Hello, Iím on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition, and SQL Server 2016 SP1. I also have installed Teradata Driver 15.10, Teradata Transport Utilities 15.10, and Attunity V3.
I need to upgrade the Teradata Driver, Utilities to Teradata Version 16.2, and I may have to upgrade the SQL Server Attunity for Teradata Connector to Version 4, not sure yet on that one.
My question is, has someone else out here with the same system setup, performed this same upgrade without issues and no incompatibilities problems? Any pitfalls I need to be made aware of by chance?

Thank you