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Thread: DSNAOCLI module not found

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    DSNAOCLI module not found

    This post describes a problem encountered in setting up AIS to access DB2 on MVS. When attempting to access DB2, an error was given about failing to access the DSNAOCLI module. This can happen in one of two situations:

    1. AIS uses CLI to access DB2. If CLI is not installed or configured on the system, this error might come up.
    2. CLI is available on the system, but the DB2 load library is not globally available in the search path. The AIS CUST process does not prompt for the DB2 load library and does not explicitly add it to the ATTSRVR STEPLIB. In this case you must edit the ATTSRVR script in the user proclib and add the DB2 load library to the STEPLIB yourself. The library required is usually ADSNLOAD under the DB2 HLQ.
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