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Thread: Adding tables without Attunity Studio

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    Adding tables without Attunity Studio

    Sometimes you may want to add tables to DB2 solutions in environment where using the Attunity Studio may be difficult. These directions are for manually adding tables to the solution but keep in mind that if you do a deploy using Studio they will be lost.

    Note: The Adapter must already exist before following the below steps, the easiest way is to use Studio and add a single table to it then deploy.

    Step 1: Export the adpater metadata:
    NAV_UTIL -B <binding name> EXPORT ADAPTER_DEF <adapter name> <output file name>

    Step 2: Edit the medadata and modify the table list:
    Example of output file from export:
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>
    <navobj version=''>
    <adapter name='LUWDB2_ag' type='DB2LUWCDCA'>
    <interaction mode='async-send' name='eventStream'>
    <capturedTable name='EMPLOYEE'/>
    <capturedTable name='DEPARTMENT'/>

    Step 3: Import the adapter metadata:
    NAV_UTIL IMPORT SYS <output file name>

    Step 4: Disable and then Enable the agent workspace.
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    Thanks for sharing

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