we have been using Attunity resource adapter for tuxedo for the last three years (outbound and inbound). We used it in conjuction with our BPEL-processes.

But now we want to use it directly from EJB using CCI. I installed locally Oracle AS and deployed attunity resource adapter, copied both .jar (Core and Resource) to .../home/applib and copied log4j.properties in the same directory. Define connection factory and interaction with Oracle Connect Studio.

The problem is that we keep getting NullPointerException in call to AttuInteractionSpec.setLogger method. Does anybody know what is the solution here.

Hier is our source code:

Context context = new InitialContext();

ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = (ConnectionFactory)context.lookup("eis/legacy/TUX_MTA");

Connection connection = connectionFactory.getConnection();
Interaction interaction = connection.createInteraction();

String routing = "1";
String target = "ADS_IF20";
String payload = "<xml><author>el2_sm</author>";

// here we got NullPointerException
AttuInteractionSpec spec = new AttuInteractionSpec("SMBK_MTA", InteractionSpec.SYNC_SEND_RECEIVE, 60);

RecordFactory recordFactory = connectionFactory.getRecordFactory();

MappedRecord input = recordFactory.createMappedRecord("input_fml");

input.put(ROUTING_INST, "1");
input.put(ROUTING_DIS, target);
input.put(FI_DATUM, payload);

Record output = interaction.execute(spec, input);