The following error was observed when trying to define a new Greenplum database in Attunity Replicate:

120: 2012-10-04T16:25:38 [greenplum_imp.c :01672]I: Going to connect to server greenplum421 database nirs
120: 2012-10-04T16:25:38 [greenplum_imp.c :01219]E: Unexpected result was return from the gpfdist test (<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">
<TITLE>401 Unauthorized</TITLE>
), HTTP status was 401. [122400] Error: Greenplum endpoint initialization error.
The error was seen when clicking on the drop down menu for selecting the Greenplum database to use.


The default port number proposed for gpfdist was 8080. When clicking the drop down menu for selecting the Greenplum database, Attunity Replicate tries to connect to both Greenplum and to the gpfdist on the specified port (in this case, 8080). As it happened, on the same machine where Attunity Replicate was installed, there was also installed the Oracle Server software which starts its management console (an HTTP server) on port 8080.

When Attunity Replicate tried to communicate with gpfdist on port 8080 it actually was talking with the Oracle web server which issues the error.

The solution is to simply pick up a different port for gpfdist that is not in use.