The IMS/TM Application Adapter supports Two-phase Commit and can fully participate in a distributed transaction when the transaction environment property c is set to true.

To use the IMS/TM application adapter with 2PC, you must have RRS installed and configured.

If RRS is not running, the Data Source can participate in a distributed transaction, as the only one-phase commit data source, if the logFile parameter is set to NORRS in the transactions node of the binding properties for the relevant binding configuration, in the Configuration view of the Design perspective in Attunity Studio. The XML representation is as follows:
<transactions logFile=”log,NORRS” />
where log is the high-level qualifier and name of the log file. If this parameter is not specified, the format is the following:
<transactions logFile=”log,NORRS” />
That is, the comma must be specified.

For further details about setting up a data source to be one-phase commit in a distributed transaction, refer to the CommitConfirm Table.

To use two-phase commit capability to access data on the OS/390 or z/OS machine, define every library in the ATTSRVR JCL as an APF-authorized library.

To define a DSN as APF-authorized, in the SDSF screen enter the command:
“/setprog apf,add,dsn=navroot.library,volume=ac002”
where ac002 is the volume where you installed AIS and NAVROOT is the high-level qualifier where AIS is installed.
If the AIS installation volume is managed by SMS, when defining APF-authorization enter the following command in the SDSF screen:
/setprog apf,add,dsn=navroot.library,SMS”
Make sure that the library is APF-authorized, even after an IPL (reboot) of the machine.