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Thread: otma_send_receive error DFS1292E Security Violation

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    otma_send_receive error DFS1292E Security Violation


    I am coming across a persistent error while invoking a IMS Transaction from XML Utility (provided by the Oracle Adapters). The error message I get is :

    otma_send_receive(TR0101): ret=20, rsn1=0, rsn3=0, rsn4=7, text=DFS1292E SECURITY VIOLATION Error.

    Any ideas/tips on resolving this error will be appreciated.

    Thanks !!.
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    OTMA Security violation

    To Oracle,
    > > Your issue has been received by technical support and is currently
    > > being reviewed. Let's first assume you are not trying to use
    > > impersonation from the client. Regarding the problem itself make sure
    > > that the owner of the ATTSRVR RACF profile has privileges to run the
    > > transaction. Also the problem itself is described in
    > > 4.270 "IMS V8 Messages and Codes Vol. 2" IBM Library Server
    > >
    > >
    > > Thanks,
    > > Attunity Support
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