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Thread: Creating connection to AIS using JCA adapter

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    JCA For CICS - Creating connection to AIS using JCA adapter

    Connecting to AIS from a JCA Application Server requires a creation and configuration of a ManagedConnectionFactory instance.
    A ManagedConnectionFactory instance is a factory of both ManagedConnection and EIS-specific connection factory instances, providing methods for matching and creation of ManagedConnection instance. ManagedConnection instance represents a physical connection to the underlying EIS, and provides access to the XAResource and LocalTransaction interfaces.

    The XAResource interface is used by the transaction manager to associate and dissociate a transaction with the underlying EIS resource manager instance and to perform two-phase commit (2PC) protocol. The LocalTransaction interface is used by the application server to manage local transactions.

    This should be done as follows:

    AttuManagedConFactory mcf = new AttuManagedConFactory();
    //Set ManagedConenctionFactory properties
    AttuConnectionFactory cf = (AttuConnectionFactory)mcf.createConnectionFactory ();
    javax.resource.cci.Connection con = cf.getConnection();
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