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Thread: Adabas Predict only?

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    Adabas Predict only?

    Does Attunity Connect support only Adabas Predict?

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    Adabas Predict and ADD

    There are two types of Adabas data sources, the Adabas data source and the ADD-Adabas data source. The Adabas data source uses Predict metadata whereas the ADD-Adabas data source uses Attunitys internal repository (ADD), which is usually imported from Natural Data Definition Module (DDM) files. Alternatively, Predict metadata can be exported and subsequently imported into the ADD-Adabas data source.

    Both Adabas data sources provide very similar functionality. The ADD-Adabas data sources enjoys some added flexibility and functionality resulting from the ability to customize the metadata in the ADD. Unless explicitly stated, all features and procedures described apply to both data sources.

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    adabas predict to define an Adabas data source that is to use Predict metadata
    adabas add to define an Adabas data source that is to use Oracle metadata
    If you are defining an Adabas ADD data source, specify only the Database number.
    If you are defining an Adabas Predict data source, specify the following:
    Database number.
    Predict File Number: The Adabas Predict file number that describes the specified database.
    Predict database number: Specify this field only in case the Predict file does not reside in the same database as the data.

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