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Thread: Mapping date values in EPOCH to DD-MMM-YYYY

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    Exclamation Mapping date values in EPOCH to DD-MMM-YYYY


    Please help me in resolving an issue with date formatting. I am working on migrated data from Oracle to IBM Optim. There is a column with NUMERIC datatype containing date values in EPOCH format in Optim. I am facing issues in mapping EPOCH to DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS <time zone> format.

    I searched for any date formatting function that can help me in Attunity Connect Guide & Reference but couldn't find any.

    Your help is highly appreciated as this is the only issue that is stopping us now.

    Vasanth S

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    IBM's Optim Open Data Manager (ODM) solution contains a significant amount of IBM Optim run time. As a result, these issues need to be addressed through IBM support to ensure the entire stack is considered when analyzing run time behaviors. IBM Technical support can be reached using the following URL:


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