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Thread: JDBC Access to Natural DataSource Issues

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    JDBC for Natural - JDBC Access to Natural DataSource Issues


    Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the ADD metadata for the
    TESTAG02 and TESTAG03 Natural subprograms? From the manuals, I can`t figure
    out how to code the CONTEXT data areas.


    haven't tried testag03 yet, but I had SOME success with testag02. When the manual said "CONTEXT=context_data_field;", I didn't realize that context_data_field was the length of the field. I needed to change the length from 2 to 3, since that is what the Natural subprogram had. I also had to change the TRANSID=EXCI to TRANSID=ATYI, and I had to add the LIBRARY=ATTUNITY (required with sec_mode = 0);
    My last problem was with

    The array concept seems interesting, but it failed with
    NAV_UTIL: Calling to nvIQSpec_Prepare failed with error =. RC=-1241
    [D015] The table @testag02 contains a chapter or a blob. It must also contain a column with unique index.
    I changed both the metadata and the subprogram to pass individual fields, and it worked.
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