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Thread: JDBC connection timeout

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    JDBC connection timeout


    Customer are running a Java application (StreamFlow) which calls Attunity Connect via JDBC
    The daemon control setting had been set to have connectTimeout as 28800 seconds (8 hours) as follows:-

    serverLogFile='/appl/attunity/navroot/tmp/nav_%i.log' language='/>

    But it seems this connectTimeout does not apply to JDBC clients, in the irpcd.log, the reported connectTimeout is always 60 seconds as follows:-

    <9> Login: (, 15-May-06 04:01:15)
    <9> Get App Info Navigator
    <9> Return: ConnectTimeout=60, CallTimeout=28800, DebugMode=0x0,
    <9> Get Server Navigator ()
    <9> Started new server process (PID=1835), log file is

    Is there any way to increase the JDBC connectTimeout?

    The solution is to specify in the workspace a value of zero to the connectTimeout parameter, then the default value will be taken from the
    same parameter in the daemon configuration.

    case 1: Workspace = 60; IRPCD = 120
    Timeout is 60 (WS setting is used)

    case 2: Workspace = Not Define; IRPCD = 120
    Timeout is 60 (WS default setting is used)

    case 3: Workspace = 0: IRPCD = 120
    Timeout is 120 (IRPCD setting is used)
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