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Thread: Weblogic Server 12c connect TANDEM through attunity

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    Weblogic Server 12c connect TANDEM through attunity

    I am facing data manipulation problem, I defined Tandam DS in WLS administraion console and test the connection successfully. When i query the data through java application it shows '???????' column value.
    Actually I store the ascii encoding value in tandam table. Kindy need help to resove this issue, My stack is

    - Java Application
    - Weblogic Server 12c
    - Tandem database
    - Attunity driver named as nvjdbc2.jar

    Storing a number in table column as encoding,

    Account No = 303030 (Clear form)
    Store value as = '外外外' (encoding )

    - Attunity Studio Screen attached.
    - Weblogic Server Tandam DS screen attached.
    - Attunity Configuration screen attached.

    I highly appreciate a quick response.
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