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Thread: NvPoolDataSource Usage Error [IP Address Not Provided]

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    NvPoolDataSource Usage Error [IP Address Not Provided]

    I am attempting to connect to our Attunity installation using the NvPoolDataSource connection pooling datasource. Here is the code I'm using (values in <> are not actual values, but placeholders):

    final NvPoolDataSource dataSource = new NvPoolDataSource();
    final Connection connection = dataSource.getConnection();

    However, the call to NvPoolDataSource.getConnection() results in the following error:

    Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: [J0007] The IP address of the server wasnt provided in connection information
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvSQLWarning.createSQLException(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvSQLWarning.createSQLException(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvConnectPropertiesBase.checkIpPart(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvConnectPropertiesBase.prepareConnection(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvConnectProperties.getConnection(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvPooledConnection.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvConnectionPoolDataSource.getPooledConnection(Unknown Source)
    at com.attunity.jdbc.NvPoolDataSource.getConnection(Unknown Source)
    If I use the same URL / username / password values using the NvDataSource, then everything works as expected.

    I've also downloaded and tested with the Attunity JARs with the same result.

    Any help you can provide with this issue will be appreciated.

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    The supported way to get connection pooling with the Attunity JDBC provider is to use it either under a J2EE container via JNDI (in which case, connection pooling is used by default) or otherwise - when not using J2EE - use a connection pool component like Apache's DBCP (DBCP - Overview).
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