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Thread: Accessing IMS Data Directly with JDBC

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    Accessing IMS Data Directly with JDBC

    Before attempting to access data sources directly, ensure you have the Sun JDBC 2.0 Standard Extension packages installed.

    Perform the following steps to directly connect to a data source:

    1. Include an import statement in an application to import the NvDataSource class, as follows:
      import com.attunity.jdbc.NvDataSource;
    2. Specify the following in order to define a data source object: NvDataSource ds = new NvDataSource();
      were ds is the name of the data source object.
    3. Specify the methods for the data source object, using the following syntax:
    4. Where ds is the name of the data source object, as specified in the previous step. For example, the following specifies the server and port for a connection:
      Note: The methods available for the data source object are described in JDBC API Conformance.
    5. Connect to AIS using the following syntax:
      Connection con = ds.getConnection();
      where con is the connection instance.
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