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Thread: XADatasource - Join query on tables with same column name

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    XADatasource - Join query on tables with same column name

    select A.refno, name, B.prodid,suffix from
    table1 as A, table2 as B.table3 as C
    A.refno = B.refno
    and A.prodid = C.prodid.
    All tables A B and C have a column by the same name prodid.
    This query directly works when executed on the db.

    But, when I execute the same through Java code using AttunityXADatasource it throws an error saying cannot find column A.prodid doesnt exist.
    I tried replacing the prefix with the actual table names and still it doesnt work.

    Can anyone help on this please.

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    We would like to reproduce your issue, we where unable to do it with 3 simple tables, can you please supply the metadata of the 3 tables that you used.
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