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Thread: Controling the polling time interval of the journal

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    Controling the polling time interval of the journal

    This question came from a user of the CDC for SSIS:
    Have noticed that the Attunity processes run on the Iseries are consistently using about 15% of the CPU resource even when there is nothing happening on the box:
    To me it looks like the software is looking for changes repeatedly without any delay between looking.
    If it is then is there a way to throttle it?

    There are two parameters that can be used to control the behaviour of the agent.
    1) Change record wait time - controls the maximum amount of time allocated by the change processor service to the capture agent to return the designated number of changes. Even if no changes are available, the agent must respond to the change processor within this time. Specified in seconds.
    This parameter can be set using the managment console - Open the "CDC configuration" category and click on the Advanced tab on the right pane.

    2) RealTime - this is a true/false parameter, when set to false, it will instruct the agent to poll the journal twice, at the beginning and at the end of the interval specified by "Change record wait time" parameter.
    This parameter should first be exposed to the managment console as follows:
    I) Edit the file parameterUpdate.xml that resides on the default installation folder and add a parameterDef sub element to the Parameters element,
    HTML Code:
      <parameterDef name="SRV.RealTime" type="bool" description="Real Time Agent Propety" editable="true">
    In addition, increase by one the value of the version attribute of the parameters element.
    II) Restart the managment console, open the CDC configuration pane, click on the advanced tab, then in the "Dynamic properties" panel click on the add button.
    In the drop down list choose the new parameter "RealTime" and set its value to false.
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