Attunity Oracle-CDC for SSIS automatically generates a CDC Package in SSIS. This CDC package reads the changes captured by the CDC Service and processes them (i.e. applies to the destination). Running this CDC package continuously (e.g. in a loop) will ensure low latency and continuous update of the destination.
You can use the following steps to implement such a continuous loop:

  • Create the CDC package using the Package Builder Wizard
  • Add a 'For Loop Container' to the Control Flow
  • Drag the CDC Sequence onto the For Loop Container
  • Drag a script component onto the For Loop Container
  • Add an Int32 variable on the For Loop Container, naming it LoopDelay and giving it the initial value of 10
  • Add a control line from the CDC Sequence to the script component, and set the type to completion
  • Edit the script component: add the LoopDelay variable to the list of ReadOnlyVariables, Edit Script and add the following before the Dts.TaskResult line:
System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(int.Parse(Dts.Variab les["LoopDelay"].Value.ToString()) * 1000);
***note: slightly different if you are using VS2005 as it does not support c#
Dim d as Integer = CInt(Dts.Variables("LoopDelay").Value)
System.Threading.Threed.Sleep(d * 1000)