Sometimes you may need to pause/resume a solution using a batch file. Here are directions for creating those batch files.

Navigate to the CDC directory under your solution.

1. Make a copy of the Support.bat file and name it PauseSolution.bat
2. Change the last line that is running a 'cmd' and add the following lines changing the <port> to be the port your solution runs on…
irpcd -l<port> -u "" -p "" disable cdc_router
irpcd -l<port> -u "" -p "" disable cdc_agent
3. Copy the PauseSolution.bat and name it ResumeSolution.bat
4. Change the last 2 lines (and change the order) to the following…
irpcd -l<port> -u "" -p "" enable cdc_agent
irpcd -l<port> -u "" -p "" enable cdc_router

These batch files can then be run with standard windows scripts.