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Thread: Handling Large VARCHAR Columns

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    Handling Large VARCHAR Columns

    The standard SSIS package that is generated using the 'Generate CDC Packages' wizard will create a CDC package that contains a Data Flow Component that handles the rows that have an error. The package will write these errors to a text file.

    The problem with this is that the text file does not support the DT_NTEXT column type that is used when processing VARCHAR columns > 4000 bytes long.

    The solution is to convert the column to a DT_TEXT type of column.

    To do this you need to insert a Data Conversion data flow component between the table Change Destination and the table Error Output components.
    • Add the component and then connect the error output of the change destination to the input.
    • Edit the component and place a check next to the column in question.
    • This will add the column with an output alias of 'Copy of ' column.
    • Change the Data Type to 'text stream [DT_TEXT]'.
    • Click OK and close the Transformation Editor.
    • Connect the Data Conversion component to the input of the Error Output component.
    • Edit the component and select the Mappings.
    • Change the mapping for the column from the original input column to the Copy of column that you created.
    That should correct the validation error.
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