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Thread: AIS support for client identity impersonation on Tandem Security

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    AIS support for client identity impersonation on Tandem Security

    Some use cases require that when client access data on Tandem via AIS, that the access would be from a server running in the client identity (a.k.a impersonation).

    In order to set up client impersonation, the daemon workspace setting (for the workspace that requires impersonation) must have the "Server Account" left empty.

    Under this setting, the user and password provided by the client upon connection is used for changing the identity under which the server runs on the Tandem.

    Depending on the security policy in effect on the Tandem and on the privileges of the account running the daemon, the daemon might not be able to perform the impersonation when starting the server. For such cases, the temp-feature ‘allowBlindImpersonation’ can be defined to ‘true’ in which case, the server identity will be changed by the server process upon startup (so the servers are started with the daemon identity and are then switched to the loged-on user identity).
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