It is important that the input/output fields are kept in this order.

void jep_createQoute(int *err_stat, char* *err_mssg, int *status, char*

nav_util execute samples
NavSQL > call jep_createQoute('ORD001');

err_stat err_mssg
Unaligned access pid=409673 va=0x140182706 pc=0x30000000bb4
ra=0x3ffbfe4ad70 inst=0xb0920000

0 This is the error message....
1 rows returned

NavSQL > quit


This is just a warning from the system. The program is running okay. There are several alternative ways to remove the warnings. By changing Makefile so that CFLAGS includes the -misalign option will suppress the warning. Otherwise the uac program can be used. (Either by a superuser with the s option and noprint for the entire system or by the actual user with the p option and noprint for that session.)

They used the -misalign compiler option.