The Maestro architecture comprises a few main components: Maestro Center, Maestro Agent and Maestro Center Database Server (could be installed on the Maestro Center). Maestro also integrates with other Attunity Products including Attunity Repliweb Centers and Attunity Replicate Servers

Maestro Center: Maestro Center is a web server that provides all the functionality available in Maestro Console. Using Maestro Console, Maestro administrators can define, manage and monitor Topologies, Tasks and Processes using a standard web browser.
Maestro Center needs to be installed on a single machine that is able to access all first-tier nodes in a Maestro Topology. Maestro Center also needs to be accessible from a first-tier node when the first-tier node’s Connection Profile is set to Extranet or Portable.
Maestro Center Databases: Maestro Center stores information in two databases which are created on SQL Server during the installation. All Task and object definitions (Topologies, Security Policies, etc.) are stored in the MaestroRepository database. Runtime, audit and monitoring information is stored in the MaestroDataStore database, facilitating real-time monitoring and auditing via the Maestro Console and optional analysis using third-party Business Intelligence tools.
Maestro Agent: Any node (machine) on which the Agent component is installed is referred to as a "Maestro Agent". Maestro Agent needs to be installed on all machines participating in a Cascading File Distribution Task or a Cascading File Consolidation Task. Maestro Agent also acts as an intermediary between the RepliWeb Center node and the Maestro Center node in a RepliWeb (File Replication) Task.
In an Attunity RepliWeb Task, Maestro Agent only needs to be installed on the parent Maestro Agent. In a RepliWeb Task, the Maestro Agent node routes commands from Maestro Center to the RepliWeb Center node and relays monitoring and Task status information back from the RepliWeb Center node to Maestro Center.
Additionally, in order to import Tasks from Attunity Replicate, Maestro Agent needs to be installed on the Replicate Server machine.

For more information regarding the Attunity Maestro architecture, please refer to the product documentation within the Customer Portal at CustomerZone | Attunity. Alternatively you can contact Support at