Attunity Maestro has a requirement for network TCP/IP connectivity between the Maestro Center, Maestro Agents and Attunity Repliweb Installations.
Ports: The following firewall ports should be open:
– Maestro Agent Port - 5746: Needs to be open for bidirectional communication when the Maestro Center node is a source or target in a Cascading File Distribution Task. Otherwise, it only needs to be open for outbound communication.
– RepliWeb Port - 2837: Needs to be open for bidirectional communication if the topology contains RepliWeb nodes (used in Continuous File Replication and
Scheduled File Backup Tasks).
– Maestro Center Web Console Port - 80/443: Needs to be open for inbound communication.

Please note that Attunity Maestro requires connectivity to a MS SQL database. If this Database is on a remote MS SQL server you’ll need to validate connectivity to the server. The Default port is TCP 1433.
For more information regarding Attunity Maestro prerequisites, please refer to the product documentation within the Customer Portal at Alternatively you can contact Support at