the client is trying to override the dynamic parm. The assemble and test with the new parm and receive the error atyb7602e when they attempt to access data.


The three changes attempted and why or why not will they work.

1. The following change:


is very tricky because the value of DYNPARM replaces the *entire* string of dynamic parameters, including the STACK of the LOGON, etc. That means all those required dynamic parameters have to be defined in the NTSYS definition of NATAGENT. It of course implies that a NTSYS named "NATAGENT" has been defined the the NATPARM for this Natural nucleus. (If it hasn't, the Natural session will abend.) You are better off using ADDPARM instead of DYNPARM.

2. The following change:


implies that you defined "NATAGENT" as a parameter profile in the SYSPARM utility under Natural and have defined the BPI or BPNAME parameter therein. If you haven't, the Natural session will abend.

3. In the following change:


it is a mistake to specify the SIZE= parameter, since SIZE= can be specified for local buffer pools only, and here we are specifying a global buffer pool (which already exists and whose size has
already been allocated). It would probably be simpler to specify:


This of course assumes that you have a global buffer pool in your installation named NATDEV1. Used that name ("NATDEV1") as an example and of course you have to specify the actual name of your own global Natural buffer pool.

You should also make sure that the TBTCH= parameter in the NatAgent parameters is set to YES if this is possible (see installation manual for restrictions).