1) In the AIS configuration it is possible to define a port range for AIS servers.
That means that servers wil use only a port number that is specified for them.
The port range configuration is done on a workspace level, and starting from version 5.1 it can be specified in the daemon level too, meaning that all workspaces under that daemon are limited to use that port range.
2) Configuring specific port numbers for AIS servers needs to be coorditnated with the operating system TCP control mechanism.
On Z/OS system , governing TCP port numbers can be done by using the PORT command in the TCPIP profile.
The PORT command is used for reserving a specific port for one or more given job names.
The jobname that should be specified in the PORT command is the member part of the name.
The member part name is generated at run time using the prefix of the startupScript parameter of the relevant workspace.
For example, if the startupScript parameter is specified as 'ATTSRVR.XYZT' then the member name will be XYZTnnnn where nnnn
indicates some random number.
For example, in order to reserve port numbers 3037-3046 to that sever, the following PORT command should be used:
3037 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3038 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3039 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3040 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3041 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3042 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3043 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3044 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3045 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server
3046 TCP XYZT* ; Attunity server

Remark - There are slight differences in the way that ports are reserved in other versions of Z/OS. Please refer to the appropriate IP configuration reference manual of the relevant version.