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Thread: navutil IMPORT COMMAND ANOMALY on Maniframe

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    MAinframe Migration - navutil IMPORT COMMAND ANOMALY on Maniframe


    It appears that the IMPORT command has trouble with the following qualified dataset ...
    To illustrate the issue
    1- i ssue export to a dataset that has an HLQ that contains the NAVROOT + the characters XY. Note - - NAVROOT = test.ac4610

    export adapter_def * 'test.ac4610xy.xml.adaptdef'

    *** notice that the import changes the name of the dataset that it tries to
    open. It appears that if NAVCMD IMPORT detects that the dataset STARTS with
    NAVROOT and there is ANYTHING BETWEEN NAVROOT and the next '.' that the first
    character immediately following NAVROOT is changed from the character entered
    on the import statement to a '.'

    *** watch here... there 'x' immediately following NAVROOT was changed to
    a '.'
    import sys 'test.ac4610xy.xml.adaptdef'
    Cannot open file 'TEST.AC4610.Y.XML.ADAPTDEF' for read

    *** watch again... the 'x' immediately followin the NAVROOT was change to
    a '.'
    import sys 'test.ac4610x.xml.adaptdef'
    Cannot open file 'TEST.AC4610..XML.ADAPTDEF' for read



    Listed as a limitation in the release notes.
    When using locally NAVCMD import (studio is the desired option) target file
    should not have in its identifiers HLQXX.
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