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Thread: Attunity Error in SSIS - "OCI Error Encouneterd"

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    Attunity Error in SSIS - "OCI Error Encouneterd"

    I have SSIS BIDS (SQL Server 2008) (32 bit), and am using Attunity connector to connect to an Oracle DB. A while back we had our systems upgraded to windows 7 64 bit.
    I have installed Oracle 11g client on my machine, added TNS entries for the above Oracle server that Iam trying to connect to, and also pointed this path (path for TNSNames.ORA) in the "PATH" windows environment variable as well as "TNS_ADMIN" (which I created) environment variable.
    Even after doing all this, I get the following error when validating the Attunity Oracle source connector, the error is as follows:
    "OCI Error Encouneterd. ORA-12154: TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified, Test connection failed".
    I also researched that this might be due to paranthesis in the path for devenv.exe (BIDS).... So I went through the following post, installed JUNCTION, and created a junction pointing to the actual directory for devenv.exe.
    This too has not resolved the problem....
    Any help appreciated!!

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    BIDS runs in 32-bit mode, therefore you need to define the TNS name also in the 32-bit Oracle client environmnet.

    As alternative, you can specify the Oracle connection string in the following format: host[:port][/service name] instead of the TNS name.


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