I'm currently having a problem during the promotion of my SSIS packages with CDC from my DEV Environment to QA or PROD. The problem is that the incremental loads don't work at all- the CDC Source object doesn't pick up the records in the CDC enabled Mirror Tables.

I did a lot of digging into this, and found that if I change an option within the CDC source, the incremental loads will start working. Looking at the .dtsx package XML I see that when a change is made, the CDC Source object is changed to Version 2, as opposed to being in Version 1 in DEV.

I then tried to open a package that was updated and resaved in QA back in my DEV- and I receive an error:

"Validation error. PON_PRICE_ELEMENT_TYPES_TL(CDC) TO ODS PON_PRICE_ELEMENT_TYPES_TL SSIS.Pipeline: The component metadata for "CDC PON_PRICE_ELEMENT_TYPES_TL, clsid {874F7595-FB5F-40FF-96AF-FBFF8250E3EF}" could not be upgraded to the newer version of the component. The PerformUpgrade method failed. "

This makes it pretty clear that QA and PROD have a version of software that cause this bug. However, I can't figure out what it is. If anything, DEV has a higher version of Visual Studio (VS2010 Premium SP1) than PROD, which just has VS2010.

Is there anything I can do to see which component isn't synched that is causing my version error?

(Also, I think it's a bug that the loads won't run in a system with an updated version until a change is made and the package is re-saved. I never NEED to go back from QA --> DEV, I only did it trying to trouble shoot my incremental load issue)

If you need any information to help debug this, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide it.