I spent many hours searching for straight up, step by step install instructions and could not find anything. Sadly I found a lot of smart .ss posters "highly unprofessional IMO" telling people to just Google it. Which, yes, you will find many posts telling you what you need. I saw registry hacks, environmental variable changes, full client install....

Here is what I installed to get it working on my development machine. I'll update this when I confirm the same things are need on my production SQL Server.

1. Oracle Data Access Components 1120320 64Bit
2. Oracle Data Tools with Oracle Access Components 1120320 32Bit
3. Attunity 3.0 Drivers

Now I did not realize I installed the Data tool with the data access components in step 2. So maybe there in an installer without the tools. I do know if you don't install the 32bit driver you will get an error. "Error at package [connection manager "Oracle Connector 1"]: The ORACLE registry key cannot be opened. Verify that the Oracle Client for Windows x8 is installed properly.

Please let me now if I could have done this with a smaller footprint on my SQL Server I would also like to know if it is safe to install later versions of the DACs. I do know our Oracle server version is 11G.