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Thread: Attunity Oracle destination error output problem

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    Attunity Oracle destination error output problem

    My SSIS package has just one data flow task with Oracle Attunity source and Attunity destination. My source table has just one column (for testing) of data type VARCHAR2(12 CHAR). The destination table has the same column but with reduced size VARCHAR(10, CHAR). When I execute this I expect to get an error for "Truncation" as i am trying to insert 12 characters string into target column of size 10, a simple test case.

    I configured and enabled data viewer on Oracle Destination Error Output to redirect rows on failure or truncation. When i execute this i can see the records redirected to the error output but incorrect ErrorCode and ErrorCode-Description.

    I replaced the oracle attunity destination with OLEDB destination and executed the data flow. I can see the expected error code and description now. I have attached screenshots for reference.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this expected?
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