I've tried many times to install the various versions of the Attunity Data Connector to allow easier interaction with data in our Oracle 12c database, which is subsequently used to populate tables in a SQL Server 2017 database... using SQL Server Integration Services.

I've had no luck getting the resulting Attunity Data Connector icons to show-up in the SSIS Toolbox within Visual Studio 2017.

On my development machine, I'm running the Enterprise version of SQL Server 2017.

The development machine's OS is Windows 7.

On the development machine, I'm running Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

The Oracle DB that I'm interacting with is Oracle 12c.

I've tried installing the Microsoft Connectors for Oracle (versions 2, 3, 4, & 5) on the development machine and I always get the message of:

"Microsoft SQL Server is not installed". "The English version of the connector will be installed"

After the resulting installation of the Microsoft Connectors for Oracle completes and I've rebooted the development machine, the Attunity components of "Oracle Destination" and "Oracle Source" *never* do appear within the SSIS Toolbox when I've opened my SSIS project in Visual Studio 2017.

Over the last 6 or so months, I've had to develop several staging tables in Oracle in order to unnecessarily populate these tables with data from SQL Server, in order to then use SSIS to query from the imported data from SQL Server that's now in those Oracle staging tables to successfully update data in several "final" Oracle tables.

One of these SSIS jobs deals with a table that has several million records, which takes about 30 min. to get these records from SQL Server using the built-in SSIS ODBC Connector and populate the staging table in Oracle. I'd of course like to instead use the Attunity connectors to avoid having to create these staging tables which take time & storage space to populate.

Any thoughts on this are very appreciated.