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Thread: OCI error encouneterd

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    OCI error encouneterd


    I've been working with the Attunity connector for a few days now but I've hit an issue.

    I have the connector and oracle 11g client installed. I tried with the Oracle Instant cline tbut that didn't work.

    Using SSIS, I have been able to successfully run a data transfer task.
    To execute an entire package I had to do the z_ssis hack from and that resolved that issue.

    Now I'm getting (what presents as) the same issue when I try and run the package via SQL Server Agent. The error I get is:

    Description: OCI error encouneterd.

    Note: the spelling in the error message was incorrect (as above).

    So, I can run the dataflow task correctly, I can execute the enitre package correctly, but when I schedule it I get this error. I have done the z_ssis reghack.

    What else can I try?


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    Hi Alex,

    Seems you are working with the old version (1.0) of the connector. The Microsoft Connector Version 1.1 for Oracle by Attunity, which solves the first problem you mentioned, can be downloaded from:

    Download details: Microsoft Connectors Version 1.1 for Oracle and Teradata by Attunity

    If the upgrade doesn't resolve the other problem, i need more information on the error you are getting.


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