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Thread: Package Hanging

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    Hi Colton,

    As you are running multiple packages loading the table in parallel, the problems seem related to locking issues. Did you drop down also the Transaction size parameter?


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    Well, that isn't exactly true. I do have multiple sources but each Data Load is running once another completes, so it is currently not in parrallel. I have any package that runs multiple sources in parallel as well but has no effect, and no locking. Batch and Transaction sizes were both dropped to 100.

    Also, I had stated before that all we see on Oracle is, "SQL*Net more data from client". Oracle is not doing anything. It just seems that the issue is on the SSIS possibly. We haven't had much time to look at it lately, but we plan to do a full test against a staging environment and track the network traffic.
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    SSIS Pakage with Attinuty connectors to Orace database is Hanging

    We have an SSIS Package with Attinuty connectors for Oraclae Database.
    The PAckage is being stalled and is long running without any progress.
    The package is mostly stalled when there is an INSERT statements.I am doing a normal load just disabling foreign keys while running the package.

    I checked with my Admin and he says, could not find anything from the logs. We tried the above Package execution on a newly built server as well,but the package is stalled and running longer without any progress.

    Appreciate your inputs if anyone has faced a similar issue.


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