Good day, colleagues.
Many of you are already know, that Teradata has only 30 CONCTURRENT Fast-Load slots awailable. In other words, it means that you can have only 30 simultanious dataflows for loading data, not more.
So the problem is:
Sometimes the situanion may get critical when you have very slow sources for Fastload (for example, very slow OLTP database with many joins and you CAN'T do anything about it, when it not belongs to your department). So, as a result: the most of your jobs just hanging up waiting for their sources to start transfer and wasting Fast-Load slots.
What i want to do:
The answer for such issues is TO FORCE Attunity's connector NOT to acquire Fast-Load slots while dataflow from source ISN'T YET READY to start transfer.
So, is there any hidden ways to tweak Attunity connector to acquire Fastload slot only when data is running? If there's not, is there any ways to force such kind of development?