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Thread: Loading into views, is it possible

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    Question Loading into views, is it possible

    Teradata itselfs allows loading into views with fastload but it does not seems to work for me when using the attunity ssis connector rel 1.2 in SSIS 2008r2.
    Although the destination windows looks like (see attachment)

    For the target you get 'Name of the table or the view'
    When I input the name of a view I get the following error when executing

    [Teradata Destination [2503]] Error: TPT Import error encountered during Initiate phase. 'StgODT_Fact_Returns_Related_Sales_Orders_Packlist s' is not a table.

    So I wonder if it is even possible to use a view for loading.
    The environement I'm working has a rule where you need to access all data (read and write) through views and I'd like to conform to this rule if possible.
    So does anybody know if loading into a view is possible?
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