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Thread: Move SSIS_<table_name>_ET, SSIS_<table_name>_UV, and SSIS_<table_name>_LOG tables?

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    Move SSIS_<table_name>_ET, SSIS_<table_name>_UV, and SSIS_<table_name>_LOG tables?

    I am currently using the Attunity 2.0 connector for Teradata to move data from Microsoft SQL Server to Teradata. These packages end up creating 3 tables for each of my Teradata destination tables, with a prefix of "SSIS" and suffixes of "ET", "UV", and "LOG". These tables are created in the same Teradata database as my destination table(s).

    Is there a way to specify a different Teradata database for the SSIS_x_ET, SSIS_x_UV, and SSIS_x_LOG? Our Teradata DBAs are reluctant to grant CREATE TABLE permissions to the account used for these SSIS ETL packages in the production database, but they have created a separate DB to house these tables.

    Thank you!


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    Hi Aaron,

    In the advanced editor of the Teradata target component, you can set the ErrorTableName property to database.name_prefix, this will be used for name error tables. When this property is not set (default) those tables are created using the target table name name and target database.


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