I'm using attunity connectors 1.2 for teradata on a MS SSIS 2008R2 environment.

I have been struggling with the connections, more in detail which string to apply to the connection manager when executing a package.
At this time I'm passing a connection string as a parameter to an attunity connection manager.
The expression added to the connection manager is
Connectionstring = @[User::TD_Connection]

For what I have found now the contents of the connectionstring must be built as follows
  • DRIVER={Teradata};
  • DBCNAME={name or ip-address};
  • UID={userid};
  • PWD={password}

First of all I want to know if this is correct because beforehand I thought I needed to compose it as follows
  • Servername={name or ip-address}
  • Authentication=LDAP
  • Username={userid}
  • Password={password}

If the first method is correct, there is still some information missing (and I could not find any documentation on it, point me to the required docs if possible)
The Teradata connection manager editor shows fields

connection manager editor connectionstring
server name DBCNAME
use windows authentication WINAUTH
user teradata authentication WINAUTH
parameter ???????
user name UID
password PWD
default database DATABASE

But there are no fields foreseen for

Where are they gone to in the connection manager editor?

And the connection string really looks like an ODBC connectionstring
  • What is the account for , is it a user or schema to set initally or is it something else
  • where is the PARAMETER after the mechanism gone to in the connectionstring, I cannot find it, what's the use of this field? Is it a parameter for the authentication mechanism or is it something else, if so what is it?

I took the connectionstring variable from the connectionstring attribute of the connection manager after filling in all of the fields and that's all I can see right now.
Are there still other fields that can be used in the connectionstring? If yes, which ones?

Can somebody shed some light on this?

Thanx, Piet