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Thread: OpenVMS RDB 2PC

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    OpenVMS RDB 2PC

    Configuring RDB as 2PC Driver on OpenVMS

    The Attunity Connect RDB driver supports 2PC transaction.
    The 2PC support relies on a common shared component - XAGW_MANAGER.EXE, which is necessary to provide 2PC support under OpenVMS/DECdtm.

    To configure Attunity Connect's RDB driver to work with 2PC transactions, follow these steps:
    • Install the DECdtm - Distributed Transaction Manager.
    • Make sure that the XA related shareable libraries are installed:
    $ install add sys$share:ddtm$xg_ss.exe/prot/share
    $ install add sys$share:ddtm$xa_ss.exe/prot/share
    • Use the XGCP control program utility to create a new XG gateway log carrying the same name as the machine’s name within the OpenVMS cluster:
    run sys$system:xgcp
    XA Gateway Control Program V1.0
    XGCP> create_log ALPHA
    (Where ALPHA is the machine's name)
    • Use the XGCP control program utility to run the server:
    XGCP> start_server
    • Define the following logical name to point to the XAGW_Manager:
    $ def XAGW_MANAGER navroot:[bin]XAGW_MANAGER.EXE
    • For more information about the DECdtm, refer to the product's site.
    After finishing the above configurations, the RDB driver is ready to work in 2PC transactions - refer to the Attunity documentation for more details.
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