We are not sure how to connect from our SQL DB server to the Attunity application server. We have installed the ODBC driver on the SQL DB server, but we are having problems trying to create the ODBC DSN's from the shortcuts that reside on the application server. See the note below from our DBA:

Below is the connection string I am trying to use to connect to the Server that Attunity is running on (dev)

DRIVER={Attunity Connect Driver}
DefTdpName=[Region T Alt Connection]

BindURL is the IP of the server. (If I should be using a port # like the examples where would I find it?)
Database: I have Region_T but this field could be redundant with the DefTdpName
DefTdpName is the name of the dsn on the server.


The server machine that they are connecting to uses fixedNat. The syntax for BindURL to use fixedNat is undocumented. It is "BindURL=host:port:FIXEDNAT".