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Thread: HOW TO: Troubleshoot Business Objects Data Integrator processes

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    HOW TO: Troubleshoot Business Objects Data Integrator processes


    The Business Objects Data Integrator includes full support for the Attunity AIS platform. The support is based on the ThinODBC Interface of the Attunity Server.

    When troubleshooting problems which are occurring in such an environment, Attunity Support will request log files from both Data Integrator and the Attunity Server.


    To enable logging on the Attunity Server you can use the Attunity Studio as follows:
    • Add the Machine if it does not exist.
    • Expand the Target machine, then expand the Bindings.
    • Right-Click on the correct Binding where the DataSource is defined, and click on the "Edit Binding" option.
    • Expand the Debug section, and enable the generalTrace property
    In some cases, we may required more detailed debugging flags, for example driveTrace which includes verbose logging from the Driver layer.

    The log files will be created at the NAVROOT\tmp subdirectory of the Attunity Server installation.

    Business Objects Data Integrator

    When executing a process you have the option to enable tracing. DI supports several levels of tracing, usually the default is adequate.
    • Execute a process from the Project panel.
    • In the Execution Properties enable the Print all trace messages option.
    DI will open the logging window with the tracing information, you can monitor the status of the running process.

    On successful execution you will get the following message:
    Job <jobname> is completed successfully.
    The default location for the log files is located at the Log subdirectory of the installation. Assuming default installation and server named MyServer, the log files will be created at:
    C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Data Integrator 11\Log\MyServer\machinename_instancename
    • machinename is the local machine name running the DI.
    • instancename is the name of the installation repository.
    The file names will be prefixed with "trace_" including full timestamp and instance GUID, errors will go to "error_" log files.
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