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Thread: Microsoft SQL server DSN configuration NT

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    Microsoft SQL server DSN configuration NT

    Hello. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator > System DSN> Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration, we are selecting

    "With Windows NT Authentication using the network login ID" instead of

    "With SQL Server authentication ...."

    When we execute the nav_util execute datasource_name, it fails. Our log
    states that the NT account does not have permission to access the datasource.

    Is there a way in Attunity Studio to add this NT account as valid userid to access the datasource? Thank you.

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    The SQLServer driver of Attunity supports both Windows Trusted Mode and Standard Mode.

    When using the Trusted Mode you should leave the Username/Password empty.

    If you get the following error:-
    NAV_UTIL: Calling to ITDP_Bind failed with error =. RC=-2220
    DRV_InitTdp: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'domain\username'. (SQL State: 00000; SQL Code: 18456)
    This could mean that the current user account does not have permissions (or not trusted) to connect to SQLServer.

    In this case make sure of the followings:-
    1. SQLServer is setup to work with both Trusted and Standard modes.
    • For SQLServer 2000, Start the "SQLServer Enterprise Manager" and Right-Click on the Server node, then click "Properties".
    • In the "Security" tab make sure the "Authentication" is set to "SQL Server and Windows".
    2. In the Logins section under the Security sub-tree, make sure the current account has permission to connect to the specific database.
    You can test this using the native SQLServer driver, if you get the same error it means your SQLServer is not configured correctly:
    • Start the "ODBC Data Source Administrator".
    • Add a new DSN of type "SQL Server".
    • Setup the DSN to use "Windows NT Authentication".
    • At the last step of the Wizard click on thr "Test Datasource", to confirm if your user has permission to connect.
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